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This was so me. My mom didn’t play. Thought this pic was hilarious when my husband showed it to me. Hahaha. Had to share with you guys!

Laughter is medicine for the soul!


Love, Happiness, and all that other ish…

marrige funny

This is the truth. I’m his, and he is MINE. lol…but seriously…When I google marriage quotes, I see things like this…

marriage funny 2

Now, I do not agree…but it sure did make me smile. 

I get this question at least once a week from single and married women, “So how do you like the married life?” Depending on the setting, I can give the short answer or the long answer. I usually make a joke, “Welp, he’s still alive, and I’m still smiling” …and everyone laughs…

For the purposes of this post, I will give the long answer. Marriage is a beautiful thing. I can totally see how it can be great, and how it can be hell. Especially if you’re married to the wrong person. My marriage is the best thing that has every happened to me. It is lots of work, but absolutely worth it all. It is not easy. There are disagreements, and sometimes I give my husband an evil look or two (or three), but the bottom line is…God brought us together. He is the perfect man for me. I’m learning so much about being responsible for someone. He is responsible for me as well. I’m fulfilling my vows as a wife every day I choose to support him, and build him up, instead of tearing him down. 

Now of course, this is not that difficult for me, because I trust my husband to make good decisions for us. We don’t have kids yet, but I believe in him, as a husband, and a father, and vice versa. 

You have to be very careful when you hear from other folks about how terrible marriage is. I’m sure no one ever wanted to be that person…the bitter divorcee’ …but it happens. 

Before I got married, I took in all the advice, but couldn’t keep it all. I sorted through it, like using a strainer while cooking. I have kept some of the advice with me…from those married women, divorced women…but not from single women. I find that a single woman who has never been married, doesn’t understand exactly what it takes. Not yet. That has been my experience. And yes, I used to be that single woman who didn’t understand fully the responsibilities of being married. It’s one of those things you just have to experience. Unfortunately, I had never seen it before. My father died when I was very young, and my mother remained single throughout my childhood. It was important for me to be aware of my experiences. I wasn’t taught how to love a man, because I only knew my father for a short while. Can you imagine how difficult it is to be the backbone to a man, when I have only seen a woman taking the lead? 

Don’t get me wrong, I take the lead on some things in my marriage. We both see it as a partnership. Not a competition. But my husband, is the man. The head of our household. That is his responsibility, and I fit in perfectly with it all. 

Every one will not agree with the way we do things, but it doesn’t matter. When people ask us for advice, we are sure to point out that every relationship is different. You can’t do things the way we do it. 

The only suggestion I have that everyone do…married or engaged…pray with each other and pray for one another. It works, and it’s worth it.

Anyone have any other relationship advice? I would love to hear it!!


Labor Day Goodness!

It’s Labor Day weekend, and no work until Tuesday…Yay! I’m spending this time relaxing at home and visiting family for a bit. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Tuesday will be here before we know it for sure! 

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Happy Labor Day weekend!



Sunday Night Ponderings…

I promise that even though the wedding has come and gone, things have been in full speed mode. Time is one of the most valuable resources…and we can never get it back. 

I’m sitting here on a Sunday night. Need to be in bed, but writing instead. My heart is smiling. I’m happy, content, thankful. So many different adjectives to describe me and my life right now.

I have big plans in the works, lots to think about, much to execute. I think back to where I started. The little girl who had the confidence to build others up, but never truly builds herself up in the same way. Fast forward…now young woman. I mean, I love myself. However, my husband and his unconditional support of me, has made me realize that sometimes — because I over think things — I short change myself. Why do I do that? It’s very weird. Now, I am a little OCD, and the world that we live in has caused me to be much more of a realist than an optimist. I want the best for so many others, including myself, but I identify more strengths in others. And I help them identify their strengths. I don’t like to talk much about my accomplishments for fear that others will think I’m boasting. Because that’s what people think. Particularly other women. It is truly a shame. 

Should I not speak out loud about my accomplishments for fear that someone will think I believe too much in myself? 

I have decided that I don’t care anymore. I believe in myself and my capabilities. I. AM. THEEEE. SHIT. And I’m grateful for those around me that accept it, and know it, and push me to be better then ever before. Especially my husband. 

So to those of you that don’t think of yourself. Transform your thinking. You are GREAT. You will be GREATER. If only you believe it and execute it. 


Make your Mark.

What do you want to be known for?

Have you ever thought about that? Some people never think about it. I think it is an absolute necessity to understand how you will make your mark.

Someone asked me to describe in 2 to 3 words what people will say about me at my funeral. I know, kinda gloomy, but it did put things into an even larger perspective for me. My answer…”She inspired me”.

See, I the type of woman that loves to see others achieve. The greatest accomplishment is inspiring others with my story, experiences, to enable them to succeed in their own right. Now, inspiration is not the same as action. I want to inspire, but the individual has to put in the work. I believe that is so important. I cannot stand someone who is not willing to work hard to achieve their goals. How do people get this way?

People get this way by receiving handouts. And no I’m not just talking about the “government handouts”…I mean life handouts. I’ve seen it in family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues… People who haven’t had to work for what they have are just DIFFERENT! I’m not shunning those who have inherited millions, because it takes work to keep those millions…I know millionaires that are STILL hard workers. It’s just that, if you wake up in the morning, and the world has been given to you…what reason do you have to get up and work for anything?

I’m striving everyday to make my mark on the world. How about you?

No worries Mon..!

My husband and I spent the week at a lovely all inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica: Couples Swept Away.

Just fabulous. Relaxing and beautiful. Wonderful staff. People. I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation!

Jamaicans are carefree. Always smiling. No worry attitudes. Works for me!
So let me fill you in on the details. I believe there are a few very important topics that you should know about.

The food..
Exceptional. Local recipes so nothing tasted exactly as we were used to. I loved that! From jerk chicken to pan seared snapper to callaloo, everything was delicious! If we ordered one dish and wanted another, then we ordered another. No reason to ever go hungry at Couples Swept Away. Two of the restaurants required reservations (that you make upon check-in), but we didn’t have any problem with reserving. Restaurants do have a resort casual dress code for dinner, however it’s not a major issue…especially since the food was fantastic!

The drinks…
Ooh wee. Drinks are included. What more do I need to say? We starting drinking around 10am every day. Guess how that turned out?!?! Lol. Great strawberry daiquiris, piña coladas, and a local favorite– the Tantalizer. Many times we asked the bartender what their favorite drink was and had him/her make it for us. I will say we were never disappointed with the finished product.

The beach…
Amazing. Beautiful. Peaceful.
Being lazy on the beach is part of a great vacation! We would take one of the couples resort floats and lay out on the water making friends with other couples. So much fun! Now, the beach always had a “weed man” present in case someone wanted to buy some lol. We don’t get down like that, but several other couples did…hahaha funny.
One night the resort hosted a beachside Romantic Bonfire. It was so relaxing. A guy even had his guitar and sang love songs. Great way to get you in the mood *wink wink*

All in all, it was an amazing experience. We will definitely return! The price includes excursions, shopping trips etc.
It just depends what you’re looking for. We wanted a week of relaxation without a set schedule. May sound boring to some, but hey…it’s our money. Haha!